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Bad Debt Profit Recovery

Five Decades of Excellence

CAB has over 50 years experience in providing Profit Recovery solutions and a track record of stability and success. We understand that success in Profit Recovery does not happen by chance. At CAB, we know and understand precisely those intricacies that will determine collectability and recovery of your debt. We routinely monitor account activity and will advise you of any delays, interruptions or changes in age that could negatively affect your recovery rate.

The CAB Solution

CAB's process of allows our clients maximum flexibility in resolving their outstanding accounts while providing a solution for those harder to collect accounts. CAB is uniquely prepared to resolve accounts without harsh, heavy-handed tactics. We use only FDCPA-compliant methods, provide meticulous employee training, and offer complete access to our American Collectors Association Certified Instructor. Our consultative approach increases cash flow for companies while helping them maintain productive relationships with their customers. CAB's profit recovery solutions have always included the highest degree of professionalism and customer-focused service. 

Profit Recovery Features:


  • Electronic Transfer of Accounts
  • Monthly Account Status Reporting
  • Full Credit Reporting to Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax
  • Responsive, dedicated liaison and support team
  • Customized account reporting available 24/7
  • Predictive dialing and messaging capabilities
  • Skip Tracing
  • Scoring to predict collectability
  • Comprehensive letter series
  • Web-based account referral
  • Customized debt recovery software
  • Insurance Claim and Denial Management: discovery, filing and follow-up for medical accounts
  • FDCPA compliant

Count on CAB's profit recovery expertise to convert stagnant receivables into consistent cash flow.

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