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Insurance Claim and Denial Management (ICDM)

Does your medical practice specialize in managing insurance claims? If not, why are you spending long hours and valuable resources handling claim research and billing, following up on appeals, and challenging rejected or denied claims?

CAB can perform these functions allowing you to focus on what you do best; patient care. CAB has the experience, the skills, and the resources to resolve unpaid, denied and even unbilled claims with all insurance companies, increasing cash flow and lowering administrative costs for your facility.

Our experience and oversight will help you implement best practices to reduce denials and increase the percentage that you get paid on initial billing and insurance filing.

Utilize our Insurance professionals in conjunction with our Extended Business Office, Bad Debt Profit Recovery or as a special project for accounts acquired through acquisition, merger or clean up when transitioning to a new patient billing system.  

ICDM Features:

  • Works with both commercial and government providers (Medicare/Medicaid)
  • Retrieval of "under the radar" revenue associated with your insurance claims
  • All staff trained in current guidelines
  • Small balance account specialists
  • Identification and resolution of aged receivables
  • Leading-edge technology provides timely, accurate information
  • Eligibility verification
  • Insurance claim billing/rebilling
  • Insurance appeal management
  • Insurance claim follow-up
  • Secondary insurance claim filing
  • Insurance denials research and filing

Insurance Claims and Denial Management. Streamlined solutions for increased cash flow.

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