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Data Breach Support Services

CAB’s Call Center division offers a unique set of Breach Response Support Services for Cyber Security and data breach service providers. CAB has the resources, experience, expertise and knowledge to provide comprehensive support or augment existing call center efforts.



Data Breach Response Support

  • 24/7 Direct Call Center Support
  • Experienced Customer Service Representatives
  • Overflow Support for Existing Outreach Efforts
  • Incident - Specific Scripting
  • Rapid Ramp-up and Deployment
  • 1 Month - Multiyear Duration



Identity Authentication & Verification

  • Provide the information needed to instantly verify customer identity and prevent fraud 
  • Authentication provides an additional level of verification by requiring information that is not easily stolen or guessed


Identity Theft Protection Customer Support

  • Program Enrollment Phone Support
  • Website Navigation Help
  • Hot-Line Support for Multiple Identity Theft Products




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"We were very impressed with CAB’s ability to quickly deploy the technical resources, implement required software systems, and train their personnel all within a very short time frame."

—Eric Stevenson, Director of Member Services CSID