Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

How do you significantly improve performance and reduce costs?  By outsourcing those business functions non-essential to your primary mission.  

Business Process Outsourcing delivers improved results while allowing you to focus on core competencies. More and more organizations are implementing BPO as a best business practice to improve service levels, streamline workflow, and create well-organized systems all while helping their bottom line. CAB is committed to providing end-to-end business insight, process innovations, and adaptive solutions.

BPO operations are uniquely positioned to observe processes and practices across the entire operation as well as those of similar institutions and industries. This wealth of data enables CAB to foster process improvement and increased efficiency, further improving your bottom line.

With access to best-in-class processes and state-of-the-art technology, CAB can ease the burden of cumbersome AR procedures and create efficient solutions that work for you. CAB not only increases cash flow with less overhead, we provide the competitive advantage necessary for sustained growth.

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BPO Features:

  • Experienced, customer-focused personnel
  • Complete Billing and Follow-Up
  • Customized collaborative call scripting
  • Accurate and accessible financial reporting
  • All customer communication performed in your company's name
  • Fast-track payment system expedites cash flow
  • Advanced software systems for timely customer contact
  • Skip tracing services to identify customers' current locations
  • Payment arrangements tailored to your company's guidelines

CAB offers a range of services that enable your business to focus on what it does best. Whether you are in the hospitality business or public utilities, our cross-industry BPO solutions work for any organization.

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